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What is the Labyrinth?

A Labyrinth is a path that has a beginning and an end that are one and the same. In walking a Labyrinth we always end up where we started. A Labyrinth represents the path of life, with its twists and turns. On the surface, its simple design is a thing of beauty. Slowly walking a Labyrinth offers a chance to unwind from a stressful day, while a brisk walk may energize you.


A Labyrinth offers a kind of meditation that parallels the inner journey of reflection and meditation and the chance to become more aware of where we are in life, perhaps, an opportunity to come to "know" ourselves a little better.

How to walk:

There is no "correct" way to walk a Labyrinth - the walk is personal. A Labyrinth is not a maze, it has no dead-ends, it gives no problem to solve, and there is no task to accomplish. You can relax.

Walking a Labyrinth opens you to the possibility of gaining a new understanding and insight about who you are and about your place in the world.

Health benefits:

Research has shown that focused walking such as walking a Labyrinth is highly efficient in reducing anxiety and eliciting the "relaxation response." This effect has significant long-term health benefits, including lowering blood pressure, slowing breathing rates, reducing incidents of chronic pain, and reducing insomnia.

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