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What is the Labyrinth?
The labyrinth offers us a way of journeying, inviting us into a sacred, quiet place. It is a place where we can experience profound silence; a place where we can abandon the busyness of life, to escape the fast lane, to take a daily mini vacation; a place that offers us the opportunity to be present to the Holy One and to our inner selves. To walk the labyrinth is to make a pilgrimage to discover something about ourselves and God. The labyrinth is not magic, but it is full of mystery. It produces different results for everyone - or perhaps none at all. To walk the labyrinth is to take a precious “time out” - to be refreshed. There is no dogma associated with the labyrinth. A person simply brings his or her personal thoughts and spiritual needs - maybe a specific problem or an important life decision to be made.

There are some issues related to our human condition and to our destiny that require contemplation. Humans need to set aside their usual tasks and take the time to seriously reflect on these issues. Such contemplation has at least two prerequisites: 1) it takes time, and 2) it requires some modicum of silence. The labyrinth is a perfect vehicle to satisfy both prerequisites.Moments of silent contemplation allow the profound truths of life to sink in.

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